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confession : what i found irl recently.

November 20, 2012

in his lecture today my professor tell us that “designers are everywhere, their idea usually copypasted from everyone else. if you have more money to invest, invest it to financial management section. they do much more no-fun-works regarding adjusting your budgets and bussines planning” 

he also said that “fashion is all about manipulating human psychology, especially women. because women are easily tempted, undecided, easily swayed.” but knowing that principle not enough, ”to start your own bussiness in this field you need passion, alongside understand market needs & know your capability” 

passion. and thus i speechlessly wonder myself. it’s really hard for me to relate into fashion world because yes i’m lack in passion. so why i applied to this subject i wonder? 

but it’s too late to regret when you are in your last semester, preparing your final project. i will graduate. with or without ‘passion’.

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