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Who am I? Personality Test

August 20, 2013


  1. emotional – outlook << i think everybody agree with this.
  2. helpful – character << hahahah, not sure, always perceive myself as an egoistical person. ;;w;;)a
  3. reserved – self control << told me that i usually bottled my anger. 
  4. perfectionist – composure << never expect this, i am pretty much a messy, unorganized person. 0"0a
  5. blockbuster – taste << said that i ‘enjoy life’s simple pleasures and are happily mainstream in your tastes’. eeehh so what’s wrong with goes mainstream? :))
  6. giver – sociability << remember #2?
  7. influential – action <<productive, efficient and quick.” hahahahahaha seriously…. *ponder more in self-doubt*
  8. traditional – attitude << looks like i am a conservative person.
  9. organizer – process << ...complement of #3 and #4.
  10. headstrong – resilience << complement of #8?

Who am I? Personality Test

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