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September 1, 2013

last one of SNK postcard series (i hope). to be sold in AFA ID 2013. 

BG by Citra (yes that awesome girl who made BG awesomely). In original PSD file i also got her ‘love letter’ XD >>

her notes made me contemplated. do i really try that hard to please everybody wishes? earlier, i think “if i draw something to somebody i want to befriend, she/he’ll be happy and notice me”. often it works, but sometimes it failed too. i won’t play victim here, i admit i often bite more than i can chew and in the end i piled sooo much obligations i wonder when will i finish them all. sometimes i pretend i don’t remember, but there are times i totally forgot.

made me wonder too when will i learn to be a responsible adult. 

and [passion]. had i found mine yet? and if i did, do i seriously willing to throw anything to pursue it?


how to make something not half-assed?

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