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sorry sorry

September 3, 2013

sorry i spam you again with these snk postcards preview  (a set contains 10 illustrations anw, available in A4 and A5 size, will be sold at AFA ID 2013 but available for online purchase too if you interested. i hope i didn’t look too persistent in promoting my stuff here ahahahaha)

sorry for all incorrectness in these fanarts (especially their 3dmgs, or if i portray their relationship wrong? but it’s fanart i can interpret it as much as i like can’t i? or if you didn’t find your otp here. tbh my otp is ERURI but afa id forbid us to sell any homo material so please bear with these)*stares hard at yumikuri*


if you happen to go to JCC at 6-9 September 2013 here i feature maps to guide you into our booth:


we, Atermoa (consist Bayou, Wolv, Vyo, Mira, Boni, and me *this time*), are at basement level. 8Da


i also sell an original set postcards namely “KA-otogay project”. click here for detail description of this product.

other products:

  1. Bayou 
  2. Wolv
  3. Vyo
  4. Abonz

sorry for this lengthy post–but i do it often though..

sorry sorry sorry sorry *and there goes the rest of sorry sorry suju hits*

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