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lelele: @ AFA SG 2013

November 7, 2013


So…I’m going to sell these at AFA SG 2013 on November 8-10th 2013 with friends. Our booth is Atermoa – C40.

I’m not going there, though :’3 Bayou-kun, wolvtrune, and Piyostoria are gonna be there. Abondz and Adriane are also going to sell some items. (please check their stuff too 😀 )

My merchandises are “Free!” Straps, “Madoka Magica” Straps and 58mm Pins, “SnK” Postcard.





They’re gonna be sold at Atermoa booth number C40 at Creator’s Hub area.


Please take a visit. My friends sell SnK, Kurobas, Free!, Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Vocaloid, Sherlock, and many more. Thank you ///

lelele: @ AFA SG 2013

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