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November 13, 2013

decided to sum all SEVEN entries in one post so i can reduce my own post count in this tumblr.

  • day #1

day before (Nov 6th) was my cousin’s wedding day. Mom picked some leftover flowers and rearrange her own bucket at our house. I went to tailor, asking progress for my dress. At afternoon my Dad and me went to my Mom workplace to pick her home. 

  • day #2

by my editor request i attended a discussion session named themselves Ngaduide community. it was a community which gather many other creative communities throughout Bandung to showcase their aspirations, ideas, experiences, maybe job fair too. Since it was held at expensive cafe i’m not familiar with, i was really agitated there. Panelist should be my editor himself and Sweta, former classmate (lol) but he’s already on her way going to Mangafest, Yogyakarta. So it was Irzaqi, his partner who represent him.

Here is the real/official leaflet >>

  • day #3

for ♏. Nov 9th was his birthday and this comic actually my SUBTLE message for him.

  • day #4

actually nothing really interesting happened today. i knew it’s already Nov 10th (what a lovely date) and i’m have so little time left to finish my goddamn thesis project. i knew and keep pretending i am ok. shit.

  • day #5

it’s been raining all day and weather’s very chilly now. in Philippines i heard a bad storm struck that country and made an overwhelmed mess there. Kinda remind me with Aceh’s tsunami back then in 2006. is this a mother nature payback time…?

  • day #6

i made drawing for day 6th a bit late because i woke up late. in this pic you can see image of heavy rain on my campus and a library interior, because this day i mainly spend time at campus, indeed. but what’s interesting actually took place at my house. i realized it later after i drew this page so this page explanation will be slightly different than the illustrated one.

so it happened when all people in my house went outside (hey it’s workday anyway), an ice rain struck my area. I’ve been told about that while i was at campus but pay a little mind. when i went home i noticed several planted pots outside my house had been stumbled, there’s also fallen branches, pilled trashes and pool of mud but i still nonchalant. i went to my bed and slept—woke up at 11 pm and found a big puddle in my room! seems like hunks of ice already holed my roof and gave an entrance exactly to my room. i noticed my wardrobe became victim, half of its content became damp and smelly. My aunt’s room was also in a mess because this incident. Later (14/11-2013) i found out that several part of our storage roof also flown away because of it. 

  • day #7

i did “SEVEN: draw your days” since 2009 but usually gave up at day #3, or day #4. Those prove what kind of person i was: easily discouraged, bored almost immediately, lack of determination, etc. But this year is different. Congratulations, me! XD

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