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February 15, 2014

new series of teen romance anthology under new established brand: BubblePop by Muffin Graphics. featuring 

  1. Dini Marlina
  2. Sayuko
  3. me
  4. Dhanes 
  5. Mei

actually there will be other famous comic artists like

  1. RC 
  2. Kaoru from Gempak

when i did mine last year i felt so accomplished, but when i re-read it again recently, i can’t help but thinking, “what the crap did i do?!” even my younger cousin (female, 18 years old) protested, “the protagonist face isn’t consistent! and why did you draw story which ends abruptly like this? it’s like somebody who seems to sneeze but doesn’t.” i can’t really deny what my cousin said.

nevertheless, if you have spare time and money please buy and read this comic when it’s available at Indonesian stores.


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