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May 18, 2014

[plurk] gender-bend meme: how i perceive my friends as their opposite gender (in high school setting).

  1. NJEL: strict baseball captain, now his focus is: how to win in upcoming national tournament. once he tried to date one of his groupies but their love story didn’t go well, thus he forbid any club member for having romantic relationship. a bit selfish imo :))
  2. AJENG: cute shota XD he has many admirers since his 1st day at highschool, they even made a secret fansclub for him (he doesn’t know until today). Even teachers like him.
  3. ANNAS: girl with complicated background, her father is a famous politician and has so many rivals, since her childhood she already face many abduction attempts. Because of that she tries hard hiding her presence–which is kinda fail, considering her petite, cute, idol-like figure.
  4. DIKA: school prince who loves daydreaming. He knows he’s charming and utilize it to fullest for his own benefit.
  5. FACHRE: genki girl! Very healthy and very reliable! Her positive attitude make people unable to hate her.
  6. GADIS: a pokerface junior figure skater who prefers to hid into background. Nobody dares defy him because when snapped, he can spew a very sarcastic *yet, still polite* remarks to his enemies, and left them bleeding because of his words.
  7. YUUKANG: your everyday classmate. Easily agreeable, he lives his life modestly in high school. 

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