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Nohara Karasuma

June 7, 2014

OC RP at Katsushika Akademia. Another old OC i made when KA was still “Shiroi-Gakuin”. I made her(?) only for the sake chasing over amanokawa’s OC, Arjuna–because this OC’s name was a pun formed from “Manohara”, a kinnari which also Arjuna’s wife.


  1. born at 17 March 1993 (Pisces). Blood-type 0. 159 cm / 54 kg 
  2. Shiroi Gakuin. ex-Yume
  3. intersex. Former crossplayer. Very vulnerable if people ask her about her sex change.

TBH i have difficulty playing as her because her complex setting (an intersex which grown and raised as boy but decides to be a girl after hits puberty). This is my second RP OC, i made her after i made Putra

Pisces >>

Best traits Imaginative, Kind, Compassionate, Intuitive, Sensitive, Selfless
Worst traits Escapist, Idealistic, Weak-willed, Over-sensitive, Pessimistic, Lazy

Type 0 » 

Best traits Confident, self-determined, optimistic, strong-willed, intuitive
Worst traits Self-centered, cold, doubtful, unpredictable, “workaholic”

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