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Open Commission

August 24, 2014

I’m low in cash and need extra allowance a.s.a.p. so every request would be done around 3 days max. *just terror me if i’m not working on it orz*

It’s from 25$ and up (depending on details); size would be A4, 300 dpi 
with minimal BG. NSFW themes is OK. i will not do mecha, furry, or things i’m not sure i can draw well.
This price is valid for personal usage only; and if you happen to be my FB friend, please don’t tag me on my drawing at facebook :’))

style i am comfortable with:

  1. sketch


  2. monochrome


  3. color blocks/cell shading



Payment can through Paypal or Indonesian bank. If you use paypal, please send payment as personal payment only and not as payment for products or goods. Additional transfer fee is your responsibility. m(_ _)m

Pay me first half and you can transfer the second half after i finished my drawing. You can only revised twice. After you pay, i’ll send you the high res to your e-mail.

to order: 
Send your commission request at my askbox or this e-mail » with this form:

your name/net ID:
category of style:
references & description:

I have the rights to display the commissioned art in any media as my artwork.
All OC rights are their respected Creators rights. I will credits every OC commissioned art with the creators name and or web/tumblr page link.

Thank you.

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