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meme again 0,0a

September 30, 2014

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 92 Truths about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you.


this meme was tagged by z-hard

other 24 victims would be jali-jali, dawwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, ohprocrastinator, ikizaku, magemg, ravenska, nilanandita, yu-kiss, mazjojo , fauzykepo, depinzart, bayoukun, ayuuka, yamineco, lindbloem, fruitscake, fyeahfare, blue-ink, piyostoria, obliro, adusbengi, hyphenating, pocapola, angleterre (i hope these 24 ppl enjoy procrastinating like i do)


Last Beverage: coffee. Kopiko 78*c instant coffee to be exact. *promosi brand*

Last phone call: My dad :’))

Last text message: 3636 << mobile net service hahahaha

Last song you listened to: "i Will Survive” – Gloria Gaynor

Last time you cried: just hours ago when i remember my childhood menace :’))


Dated someone twice: no–i don’t remember so =“=a

Been cheated on: i believe i don’t?

Kissed someone and regretted it: no

Lost someone special: wahahahahaha yeah.

Been depressed: you don’t say :))

Been drunk and threw up: thankfully not yet

LIST THREE FAVORITE COLORS: aaahhh red, green, and blue

Last year (2013), have you:

Made a new friend: ya

Fallen out of love: 2013 were pretty barren for me

Laughed until you cried: figuratively, yes

Met someone who changed you: ehm.. no.

Found out who your true friends are: until today i’m still wondering who is who, but i’m glad i made peace with person i fought with 

Found out someone was talking about you: sadly,i didn’t :)) but i believe there’s always somebody talking bad/good about me somewhere. i’m not exactly a decent person anyway =,=a

Kissed anyone on your FB friends list: waahhh no :‘Da


How many people on your FB friends list do you know in real life: almost 80% maybe, i regularly cleaning my friend list.

First surgery: haven’t been yet.

First piercing: when i was a baby (earring piercing).

First best friend: junior high school (SMP) :)) i remember i propose her to be her ‘best friend’. "if you think you can trust nobody yet as your best friend, may i….?” << i had to re-confirm it to her, it was 12 years ago :))

First sport you joined: omg i was a regular at basketball club…. but i gave up halfway because i don’t enjoy its harsh exercise orz

First vacation: i don’t remember :’))

First pair of trainers: I don’t remember either :)) maybe it was my elementary school training uniform?


Eating: my late dinner ehehehe

Drinking: clear water to rinse coffee residue 

I’m about to: continue reading a short fic my friend sent me

Listening to: Zankyou no Terror OST. as i expected it was the saddest anime for this 2014 summer.

Waiting for: chat reply


Want kids: kids are great responsibility so before i had any i would consult my future spouse is he really, truthfully, seriously want to bear that kind responsibility with me for rest of his life =“=

i might get at least one for continuing family line, though.

Get married: I don’t know, maybe not in near future, but who knows? :))

Career: parents want me to pursue career as lecturer in another province, i want to professionally reschedule my workflow as comic artist


Lips or eyes: eyes

Hugs or Kisses: kisses. hugs make me anxious, and you can’t recklessly kissing stranger, can you? :)) in short, i hate body contact.

Shorter or Taller: taller because i am short :’Da but taller girls with long, slender legs always make me envy….

Older or younger: idk, both are fine for me :)) if it’s about maturity, age doesn’t really matter

Romantic or Spontaneous: both also fine. i always wonder for what purpose this question exist. as reference material for my future spouse? does he really read this? has i met him already?

Nice stomach or nice arms: both are fine 0<<

Sensitive or Loud: huhuhuhhuhu neither

Hook-up or relationship: relationship

Trouble maker or hesitant: like i wrote before… for what purpose this question exist…..


Kissed a stranger: no

Drank hard liquor: haven’t yet :3a

Lost glasses/contacts: ahh i don’t wear glasses and contacts scare me

Sex on first date: no

Broke someones heart: wahahahaha i wish :’Da

Been Arrested: no

Turned someone down: have i? :3a

Cried when someone died: always

Fallen for a friend: yes ;;w;;


Yourself: often not :)) i wonder where she vanished, the overconfident me years ago *stares at dusk*

Miracles: yess

Love at first sight: no :))

Heaven: yes

Santa claus: no but i love present at Christmas date *wink* 

Kiss on the first date: no

Angels: yes :))

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