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October 29, 2014

Bandung Japan Festival 26 October 2014 at Sasana Budaya Ganesha (Sabuga) Bandung

It’s an outdoor event and i went there pretty late, after rain so the condition quite dirty and messy. Somehow this event more lively than Cocoon Fest which held day before, i wonder why…

I’m strolled around and only greet people i knew, again. My junior, Puri, asked me to visit her nikujaga stand. “There are several Japanese exchange students and you can take photos with them!” she claimed. I thought, ‘do you think those foreigners are attraction…?’ but i immediately changed my mind after i set my eyes to a particular person. *flips table*

So i went there, bought a portion of their nikujaga, and took photos. To my surprise, i found Sandy Lee there :)) he’s already well acquaintance with those stranger and i’m envying his extrovert trait. Honestly their nikujaga remind me with kolak made by Mom. 0<< (which is wrong, nikujaga should closely taste like semur, not kolak!)

*fyi my Dad has health issue so every dishes my Mom made would either boiled or steamed, and taste pretty bland*

i took photos with friends again, hahahaha and due my budget issue i only bought a mini comic compilation made by Archfriend circle. I sat at their booth long enough i managed to finish an art trade with Bea from Papercat & Co. :’))

ravenska​ and her husband brought me a graduation gift, an acrylic painting set ;____; (it was from them + several other friends) but later Sandy told me that i couldn’t use plastic pallet for acrylic drawing. He told me I had to use kertas roti (i don’t know english term of it) on top a wet sponge.

I met a handsome cosplayer which dressed as Steve Rogers in AFAID’14, that day she and her partner cosplayed as Trip and Virus of DMMD (and again, she claimed that hardly any people recognize characters they cosplayed) :))

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