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October 29, 2014

Cocoon Festival, Saturday 25 October 2014 at Jakarta Design Center

My impression about this event…. it feels like a private event because visitor limited to contributor attendee’s friends and their families. Place wise, its clean and neat, but a bit small. It’s located on 6th floor of an exclusive exhibition building so no cheap food stall nearby (unless you go outside, or call delivery service). There are many original books and doujins displayed there but because it’s end of month and my budget limited, i only bought several things. 

  1. Kouao (DMMD) doujin by magemg
  2. Akakuro (Kuroko no Basket) doujin by Aphin
  3. an original mini comic by bebekterbang 

I got my copy of Tsukikane (Tokyo Ghoul) doujin by kuso-taisa, she gave me other two copies to be delivered to bayoukun and chervenkotka

So many new faces i found at this event and i don’t quite catch their names and their specialties.. somehow i feel lonely because they seems to befriend each other but i’m mere outsider. 

There’s an author which catch my attention because her unique storytelling. Her books successfully inflame a fire in my heart. 

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