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REVIEW: Love Addict (c) Caroline Olsen

October 30, 2014

i got this novel through giveaway raffle, and i am obliged to review her book after i’m done reading it. I finished this book around one month ago and actually i’m still not sure how to write a proper essay about it. English isn’t my first language and unless on tumblr i hardly use it :’D<<, so pardon my weird grammar and limited vocabulary. 

So, this story is about how Miya (Utsunomiya Satoru) find love of his life. I read from it’s official facebook page that it’s a third installment of Jaded series but can be read as a story which stand itself. My overall impression about this book is… i’m neutral of it. It’s not bad, but not really good too. *i felt like a jerk writing it though since Caroline Olsen has been very kind to me through her responds on e-mails and tumblr askbox*. I enjoy reading it, but i am confused because it’s not a story which i can openly recommend to people around me.

So this Miya is a 28 years old man who lives a hazardous lifestyle. He changes partner as easy as he changes clothes, works at bar with make up and occasionally seduce his customers for one night stand relationship. He has circle of friends which already like a family to him, their bonds so strong that they sometimes fuck each other. And then Miya met Miura, a (seemingly) straight and stoic man several years older than him who works as middle school teacher. Aside these two protagonists there are people in Miya’s circle of friends like Hiiro, Naru, Maki, and Aki. Aki is Miya’s latest roommate, and later i knew Aki also protagonist of Caroline Olsen’s other books. 0,0a
i was hoping that Miura would bring a calamity to Miya’s live and his, because usually in novels i encounter such intense drama regarding messy situation where the protagonists circumstances tangled and it seems like they had no way out, being broken and reborn. But in “Love Addict” i don’t feel that way. When i read this, i feel as if i’m reading somebody’s journal, his/her diary about finding themselves. I feel that way because Miya and Miura’s problem settled relatively peaceful, Miura absorbed into Miya’s pace, Miya finally able to take peace with his family. A very convenient ending.
Maybe i consumed too much overly dramatic soap opera so i’m not really impressed with Miya’s journey finding himself. o<< But honestly after i read this book, i’m thinking a lot about my own private life too. My situation quite similar with Miya, i am oldest daughter which still had no steady job until last month (most of my income earned through part time projects). My parents insist that i had to pursue higher education before seriously working–and they are not really fond about my idea being an artist. :))

I finished this book when i was attending my cousin wedding on another island. He’s at same age at me, he’s already supporting his new family, even his sister (younger by 2 years) already accepted in certain company in Taiwan. I saw Miya and see myself.
That’s why i said i’m neutral about this book. I understand Miya’s desire leads an easy life and stay true to himself, but i can’t support his idea of freedom. If i support this kind of plot, i would perceived as somebody who lives an awfully easy life, afraid with pain and hard work, afraid with changes which would destroy my current equilibrium, and rebelling for something uncertain. 
Technic-wise, i love how Olsen tell her story. Her sentences are easy to understand even for me (who hardly use English in her daily life). Her setting/environmental building also believe-able enough. I’m well alarmed that writing about other cultures are hard! XD Sex scenes also not so crass. Ah, well… how Olsen deliver her story actually remind me with several yaoi tittles like “Hana wa Saku ka” by Hidaka Shoko or “Doushitemo Furetakunai” by Yoneda Kou. :))
Actually, i’m pretty curious with other books Olsen wrote (“Jaded” and Snow") because Aki in “Love Addict” kinda piqued my interest. I was hoping there are something deeper and more scandalous in Miya and Aki’s relationship. Too bad it isn’t. :’))<<

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