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do you still doing drabble meme? i’d like to ask akakuro 58, if you would :’Da

January 1, 2015


AkaKuro 58; Kick in the Head. IM JUST. Kudos to you for picking this im dying in otp feels… thank you so much for submitting something! /hugs I SUPER LAUGHED AT THIS pls let’s just think they’re happy teens with no angst

Seijuurou had vehemently listed his points that Tetsuya’s single bed won’t fit the two of them so they’re better off pulling this sleepover thing back in Seijuurou’s roomy mansion, but Tetsuya manages to prove him wrong by rearranging their sleeping positions to fit his needs, thus saving himself from needlessly going to Seijuurou’s intimidating home. It’s almost as if his phantom sixth sense called out Seijuurou’s ulterior motive.

Then it’s like this: With Tetsuya’s bed wedged between a wall and his study desk, he proposes that he will be the one to sleep beside the cold wall, and Seijuurou can be nestled comfortably beside the wooden desk. Here’s the catch; Instead of romantically facing each other as they both hold hands trying to drift off to slumberland, Seijuurou’s choice of view for the night is Kuroko’s bony toes and grey cracked heels.

“Like this, your shoulders can take the space my legs don’t need, and we both can get a good night’s sleep.”

Tetsuya’s reasoning is impeccable, it’s amazing how he interpreted Seijuurou’s pinched expression as one of evaluation. So there they are, two blankets pulled up to the chin, and Tetsuya’s fast asleep within minutes. Seijuurou’s the unfortunate one, wondering how a hot-blooded teenager is expected to sleep soundly with his boyfriend right beside him. He almost gets up—

—that is until Tetsuya makes a garbled sound and his foot shot out, nailing Seijuurou straight between his brows like some divine retribution for his unhealthy intentions.

… so much for a romantic night together.

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