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January 25, 2015



KurooTsuki illustration book(!! not even shipping them THAT HARD but it was my friend and KurooTsuki is my only thing that seems that I ship), 2 LeviHan postcard, MakoMugi and HaruMio (Free! x K-ON! crossover doujin), Rin & Rei phone strap, Mink & Clear keychains, Clear postcard and clear-aoba (mommy clear giving a piggy back to son Aoba!!!!), 3 Producer-san pin (I only want the CG and the P-head one, but I think why not all?),  and non-permanent Lancer Command Seal tattoo! Also the DiarKay pic is a bonus my friend promised me long time ago lol

I can’t find any of team lancer merch sigh

And I bought 2 original comic (Garudaboi lmao it’s fucking funny I love it) and also female admiral comic book from KanColle!

Not gonna regret buying these! 😛

finally met Njel IRL for first time :))

i’m sorry i couldn’t accompany you looking around because our booth has limited personnel and it’s quite hectic even with three person inside m(_ _)m

thanks for buying LeviHan postcard and sorry i couldn’t portray Lancer’s hair color right =“= (he’s so hard to draw)

i hope we can meet again! 😀

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