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January 25, 2015


Ok I said I was going to sleep but I want to make a quick report of today’s convention before I go crash for tonight. Comifuro 5 was fun! I met shiseptiana junjoupurelove clearbakka and ayuuka eyyy

Shi’s SeiRenAo doujinshi REALLY funny and holy shit it’s also cute at the same time that’s illegal shi omg. Sagta’s MinAo doujinshi hngggg great work as always! Although I’m not a MinAo shipper but the story gave me so many feels ashksjk thank you sagta. And thank you Ayuuka for the Koujaku postcard and KouAo sticker! So lovely aaaaahh ;; And I finally met Nico! Her Clear cosplay literally is the cutest TvT

I also bought adrianelinerush’s original storybook and when I read it I was like anjrit lu neu twistnya sarap happy ending ndasmu

As you can see, my table looked very messy o<-< but thank you for everyone who dropped by and bought my doujinshi! And thanks vickipangestu for being my partner in crime for today lmao

See you again at Cocoonfest 2!

please wait for your watercolor bonus and thanks for buying “Happy Ending”! 

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