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Comifuro 5 report

January 29, 2015

I realize my “art event related” review getting shorter and shorter :)) but i think this time i could write a lengthy one.


SO! Comifuro stands to Comic Frontier, a biannual event held firstly to accommodate people desire experiencing comiket-feels-alike in Indonesia. It’s already been Comifuro 5 this year (early 2015) and their service significantly improve each event! Their registration fee also pretty cheap (if you compare it with Popcon, HelloFest, or AFAID/SG), it’s perfect for circle which barely debuting/starter. For veteran attendee Comifuro also has benefits :)) it would expand your range of friends. You will never guess what kind of interesting new acquaintances you’ll acquire here.





It was held on Smesco Building in Jakarta. Thanks to new president and his decree to strengthen creative industry in Indonesia, we manage to held this event in this modern building. Usually Comifuro held at campus yard as part of Gelar Jepang Universitas Indonesia (GJUI) event. Last con was held at youth sport center and my booth mates (Atermoa) complained it’s not a suitable place to hold a con :’)) (it was hot, crowded, toilet mostly unusable). Glad they improve it’s location now. 

So my adventure goes like this:

23 January 2015 

after solving(?) certain printing issues in Bandung, with Mira ‘s (blue-ink) car (her brother was the driver), she, her brother Andi, Vyo (piyostoria), Vyo’s friend later introduce herself as “Kechap” (monomeria), and me went to Jakarta. Andi drove us to Vyo’s house. Minus Mira and her brother we spend a night in Vyo’s house. She lent me paper cutter, cutting mat, and other things (thank yooouuu!). I didn’t slept because i haven’t bind my book :’Da 

24 January 2015

With Vyo’s family car, we went to Smesco. This building has scary elevator, it gets faster if people step it’s stair. Problem is, we’re loading our baggage with card boxes, but while moving we couldn’t even see our feet. What if we slipped and fall? Many booth attendee prefer using lift instead.

Out booth, Aletheia consist Vyo and Rivi (her sister), Mira and Andi, plus me. Until the end of this event i forgot to took commemorative pictures, thankfully Vyo’s mother remember. :’D here you can see our face >>


I saw many visitors wear t-shirt with funny quotes, like “menyesal tak pernah di awal, kalo di awal namanya pendaftaran“ (regret never come early, but registration should be done early), or ”nikmatnya NTR“ (pleasure of NTR) and many more (mostly worn by male). I had a good laugh reading their printed quotes. Many attendee open a cheap live commissions too. Too bad i couldn’t reserve any artist—i was scared i had bad sales in that con so i restrain myself buying any merch (ok, chervenkotka’s indie comic is an exception because she and Archfriend is my favorite artist/circle). I couldn’t loitering around between booth there, and i lost twice while trying to go back to our own booth. Booth numbering in Comifuro 5 were so confusing =”=

BUT! i manage to met friends like magemg. She’s back from Japan this mid January and gave me souvenir from there, a very cute charm which i didn’t expect it. i am a happy person! XD 

i met fyeahfare (i forgot to check his Makoto x Mugi doujin) and his partner Annas (he notices i use my fan art of his comic for my name card :)) ), met Njel IRL for first time (!!!) and gave her a simple watercolor illustration (which supposed to be a my gratitude note of her commission order) :’Da

oh, there was a booth… which has a fun quiz, if you able to sung translated OP or ED song of Hunter x Hunter, they will gave you free HxH stickers. Yes, despite my age i discard my dignity and sang it :’)) HxH was my favorite at junior high school era, but i forgot lots of its verse.. but this booth (GOD I COULDN’T REMEMBER IT’S NAME/NUMBER!! ;;w;;) kindly gave me promised sticker. :’D<< (damn i couldn’t get Kurapika, just Quroll only).

i went to mazjojo’s booth and found Kairi who accompany him guarding the booth. She gave me a postcard. It is a custom between Comifuro participants doing postcard art trade during event and me, being genius as usual forgot to prepare mine 0<< so i asked Kairi to request any picture from me instead. *yay scoring another obligation! ;;A;;*

i met ayuuka (hahaha but of course?) and she gave me free DMMD postcard (Ren) XD i met another artist near closing time who gave me another DMMD postcard (Mink) too :))

In the end my loots (?) only consist >>


Somebody lost his/her eyeglasses in our display table and we’re late to realize that =”=a i gave it to Comifuro committee. Hopefully it was safely delivered to its owner by now.

I want to talk about "Happy Ending” book too in this post >> incident around its printing process, reader/list of people who bought it, some reactions from them, etc–but i think i can separate it on another post. Just wait and see, i suppose?

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