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Thailand (1)

March 10, 2015

When i went to Thailand for student exchange program back then in 2012, a curious custom i did there was: standing whenever you heard their national anthem being sung. I did that in movie theaters before its started playing. Suddenly a surge of feelings gushed me. I remember in apartment our host rented us, they also hung pictures of their king alongside their family pics, in campus canteen i saw ladies on food stalls also hung picture of current king and it was adored with flowers. I remember my Thailand friend also reprimand me not to fold a money which imprinted with their king face. “This king is very loved,” i thought. I also went to Rattanakosin kingdom exhibition in certain museum and got brief vision about history of that country. It was very grand and inspiring. In our stay we only managed to went to three or four museums but all artifacts on them are well kept. Yes, we had slight difficulty because almost every signs written in Thai but that also indicated another thing, that “These people must be a proud nationalist,” i thought again. Being in Thailand gave me weird sense, because that country both similar and very different if compared with Indonesia. I envy people of that country, i envy how they work hard to preserve their culture and history, i envy how they nurture their nationalism. How i wish we Indonesian were like that too.

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