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April 9, 2015


Good day, fellow shippers! It’s time to bust out your creativity for this year’s week-long AkaKuro event!

As per usual, works can be in the form of art, fanfiction, graphics, meta, cosplay, and more. Anything is acceptable as long as they are your own creations!

For those seeking inspiration, feel free to choose from the selection of prompts presented below for each day. Fulfilling these are completely optional; however, please take note of the marked special dates.

DAY 1 (April 11*) – High School AkaKuro Day
(or Teikou!Akashi x HS!Kuroko)
Distance | Old Habits | Rivalry

DAY 2 (April 12)
Post-Winter Cup | Vorpal Swords | Reunions

DAY 3 (April 13)
Nostalgia | Childhood | Dreams

DAY 4 (April 14)
The quote, “Who are you?”

DAY 5 (April 15*) – Teikou AkaKuro Day
(or HS!Akashi x Teikou!Kuroko)
First Meetings | Awkwardness | Gratitude

DAY 6 (April 16)
Domesticity | Future | Age Gap

DAY 7 (April 17)
Alternate Universe (Do whatever you like!)

It’s also the year 2015, so you know what 4/11/15 and 4/15/15 means. ☆

Remember to include #AkaKuroWeek2015 in the first five tags of your posts, as they will be tracked and reblogged to the akakuroweek blog.

There is no limit to how many you want to make, so please participate and spread your love for the ship!

For more information, please refer to this post or send me an ask. 😀

Banner credit goes to rakuzansshadow​!

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