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hello! i’ve seen your little comic and I was wondering… do you think about the position of the panels beforehand or is just that you feel like putting the panels that way? because i’m thinking about starting a comic myself but I don’t know how to decide about the layout of the panels… Thanks a lot and i love your art so muuuuuuuuuuuuch!!

April 9, 2015


Yes, I think the position beforehand! Usually, to make it easier to draw the layout, first thing i do is setting one “main panel” in each page. “Main panel” means the most important panel in the page which (pretty much) describes overall of the page. I’ll take one example:


The layout can be various, the main panel can be at the top, center, etc. I usually make 3-6 panels in one page. But the “main” panel have to be easy to be distinguished by “filler” panels. You can make it (1) bigger than the filler panels or (2) you can throw the more complex details on the main than the fillers, or (3) you can also erase the box of panel. Or it can be three of them! Example: (the “main” panel is in the center)


Hope that helps! ;u;

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