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May 11, 2015

Pasar Komik Bandung (Pakoban) 4 was a local convention held near my neighborhood, but it’s tenant didn’t only come from Bandung and surrounding but also from other provinces like Jakarta, Yogyakarta, East Java (Surabaya) etc. They also invites international artist (last year it was BDouin Publishing who made The Muslim Show from France). This year it was Harvey Tolibao who also a known artist for Marvel and DC from Philippines. Local tenants itself came from various companies and circles, both veteran and amateur filling its spaces and i almost can guarantees that this event has wide range of comic selection. This event has no entrance fee so comic enthusiasts or common people can look around and enjoy this event. Since everybody can come, item displayed here has to be safe for work. :’))

Aletheia (piyostoria and me) got booth #66 and it was located deep inside venue. With Astrid we took turns guarding our table. 

I met many people both old friends and new. We exchange information, both good or not so good to be heard. Pak Ranger (chairman of the committee) told me that comic artist tends to be a secluded person so having opportunity to meet other people and barter information (even though its as petty as gossiping) is good for their mental health.

_(:”D 」∠)_

^ loots. I restrain myself at day#1 because i want to make sure booth fee and printing cost already met break event point but at time when i had extras all things i want already sold out. SHOULD I CRY OR SHOULD I RELIEVED?! 

At end of this event there is a farewell party for monomeria with pengpengcircle and friends in Sugarush and The Kiosk. It was very fun :’)

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