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June 1, 2015

this will be a long post:

Hotaru The Japan Fair ITB 2015 report

So while piyostoria and T.Wolv handle Cocoonfest; sparkling-rain, blue-ink, and me handling another event held in Bandung, Hotaru The Japan Fair ITB 2015 (let’s call it TJF for short).

To be blunt, our revenue in this event not so good =))

Well, it was held in the end of month while everybody were struggling with their tight budget, and i am sure main point of this event isn’t about doujin community, and blue-ink also told me that what we sell were kind of outdated (yaaaahhh we admit we sell leftover items in this event :’D). In short: lesson learned.

Revenue were quite disappointing that even free paper i prepared for this event only still remains (about 13 left). [why, people? you don’t like barang gratisan? :’Da tapi kata mira mungkin saya salah pas desainnya sih] About 90 minutes before loading out i kinda shove them to each visitor who stumble upon our booth :’)) 

Confined by uncertain income, we ( sparkling-rain, blue-ink and me) decided to eat lumpia basah instead of fancy Japanese treats at food stalls not far from our booth ;;w;; (because a bowl of katsudon were 35.000 IDR while a portion of lumpia basah with double eggs were 9.000 IDR. God bless street food!).

At noon i met ohprocrastinator and friends.

HAHAHAHAHA MAAN I AM SORRY IF I SEEM COLD :’)) i just nod and watching her from afar. To be honest i am surprised, i didn’t expect i will met this girl in this event [BOTH MY MIND AND BODY DIDN’T READY] :’Da pardon i didn’t greet you properly m(_ _)m

One of her friend purchased “Corsage” and commented that it was first time she bought things from event. I couldn’t smile wider when i heard that remark. Thank you for picking my book and hopefully you are satisfied and become my repeat costumer!

Around 3 PM Next Heaven booth which located several steps from our table having a big discount for their moe magazine. It was very cheap, only 2500 IDR for each copy. It’s sold fast. :’))

I barely recognize faces at that event, it’s a sign that my era already shifted :)) but i found a junior which i didn’t see for almost… idk two years? or three?? reason behind his absent is because he was attending student exchange program for one year in Korea :)) He came because he is interested in watercolor zine collaboration between tupaikidal and me but he said he has not enough money to purchase it. Ah, too bad. _(:3 」∠)_

i saw that famous Japanese lecturer who claimed to loves Bandung, Masamu Kamaga [well word ‘famous’ is relative, but seeing his FB page fans and followers at twitter i think it’s safe to assume he is well known?]. His Indonesian is good [albeit has irregular accent], thus i automatically thought every Japanese wandering in ITB was already adept in Indonesian :)) i thought like that because last year i also saw several Japanese trying to assimilate with Indonesian fellows in BJF event; but i was wrong =)) across our booth there were ukiyo-e stand whose tenant was another Japanese, he is a magister degree student at ITB. Several visitors took photos with him so i greet him with simple, formal Indonesian (assuming he understood) but he immediately told me he didn’t understand. Daaamn :)) but his English is very impressive! 0,0   

At end of event i visit each booth and gave each tenant unsold badges which i made. It was an excuse to get rid of our unwanted goods, just like how Next Heaven gave a big unreasonable discount for their moe magz, but it also gave me complicated feelings. i am relieved my baggage diminished, it also gave me reason to chat to fellow tenants, but it feels like i am dumping my children too. I think i won’t make any merch again until i am sure it sell well.

preparing for next event! (Comifuro 6)

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