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Comifuro 6 report

August 25, 2015

long post ahead, and image-heavy too :3


So, Comic Frontier (Comifuro) 6 was held at SMESCO again, 22-23 August 2015 in Jakarta. Here are our catalog, contains around 80% of total items we sold at that place. Things we forgot to put includes Owari no Seraph straps from magicofinsanity , badges from asatori03, and some merchs from past events.


Below are pictures of our display, bonus piyostoria and asatori03


Comifuro table placement still as confusing as last event, our space looks big because we took two tables. For circles who only booked single table, their display most possibly hidden by others :’))


On day #1, I accompany adusbengi who cosplayed as Izuminokami Kanesada (Touken Ranbu) :)) we encountered many other gorgeous cosplayers. One of them actually Kisame Arsen(!!?!), character she cosplayed was Ichigo Hitofuri. 


THEY LOOK SO GOOD TOGETHER I MIGHT START SHIPPING THEM. dan ini semua salah cosplayernya!!

I also got Touken Ranbu group photos :))


But i think best shot i took that day would be this >>


^ One of the photographer has a good sense in pose styling, i just have to shift my standing position and flash a shutter, thus i captured this.

pardon, give me a moment to fangirling over pic i took myself orz.


We also met male cosplayer who wear Shishio’s attire, and a petite Taroutachi. This male cosplayer mistook adusbengi as fellow male :)) maybe because she’s tall.

And i noticed these mischievous trio who cosplayed as Ipo-chan,

Ipo-kun (m!Ipo-chan),

and Internet Negatif-san (Ipo-chan’s opposite) :))

Not long ago, there is a circle named Spring Roll Circle, made a personification of annoying web blocking protocol named “Internet Positif”, and named it Ipo-chan. See more in this funny video made by Rong Rong, he is a foreigner (Singaporean) who was lucky enough experiencing Internet Positif. :))


Day #1 was pretty rad, some books sold fast. This encourages me to produce new tittle for next event :)) (wish me luck!)

At end of day vickipangestu asked us to watch “Inside Out” and we agreed (too bad Vicky’s booth partner–magemg couldn’t join us because of deadlines). Movie ticket isn’t cheap due weekend BUT IT WAS WORTH IT. I bawled my eyes out, i should learn how to make story with such impact for future projects.

Day #2 were family day, sales was pretty rough :’))<<

But it was ok, i am still half asleep because last night tryst though. *halah* It scares me how many wrong changes i gave to customers if day#2 were as hectic as day#1.

BTW there was a food vendor who sells potted ice cream, a strawberry ice cream which looked like potted plant. It’s soil was chocolate cereal crumbs, it’s earth worms were actually jelly, but it’s cone were real plastic pot and it’s plant was real flower. Neat concept :)) 

And lastly, LOOTS.

blue-ink and piyostoria actually reprimand me a lot, not to spend money on books and merchs BUT—HOW COULD I….?!


ok i didn’t buy so many actually. Half of these were piles of high quality free papers and things i obtained through trades :p

i forgot to include Kotetsu brothers poster, fyeahfare‘s book and ayuuka‘s DMMD badge. 


Well, i think that’s all. Thanks for people who kindly visit our booth. As Aletheia member, we all sorry if our service still far from satisfactory m(_ _)m

Let’s meet again in next event! ;Db

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