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November 10, 2015

fanart of IshiKari fancomic made by @bigumbrella


^ to be exact, this particular moment :”)

i didn’t expect Nin made Ishikirimaru to be such yandere and i am amazed how could he looks devilishly charming when he looks like a bundle of pillow

*due Nin’s distinct art style*


SO– i  was on SKBT event yesterday, as a tenant and as a mere customer, and it was… HAHAHAHA HOW SHOULD I EXPLAIN IT, i lost control of my wallet. there goes my money :”))

first item i bought was this beautiful fancomic made by @piyostoria, my table mate.  it’s CCO-centric, and it’s comic itself very neat and well thought. it dimension was a fair square 14 x 14 but in paneling, Piyo use a vertical spread sheet, like a webcomic! Very interesting technique. i also bought @blue-ink ‘s Kotetsu brothers’ badge, because its Kotetsu :”)) *biased* 


i also bought two HeshiSou books made by same person. i plan to draw a


fancomic next and i’d like to learn other people headcanon about this particular pair. These fancomics has sweet, lovable Souza.


^ my favorite panel from entire fanbook. Hakata’s so cute T___T

and here below loots from booth where most my money went to. ONE OF THEIR TENANT IS A HARDCORE NAGAHACHI SHIPPER *cries* and i’m feeling stupid because I DIDN’T ASK HER NAME. WE SHOULD MADE NAGAHACHI FANBOOK TOGETHER!! *sfx. thunder*

she opened a pencil sketch commission and i asked her to draw my OTP :”))

man i also don’t understand why i ship NagaHachi to this extend. WHY.


i dare to claim that Peng*Dang is our partner booth :))

Peng*Dang here was three other circles combined into one [Peng*peng, Busha Juice, April’s Daughter, and  @cloudglo ]. I made two books, one with @bebekterbang and @adusbengi (”Keluarga Bercelana”), another with Busha Juice’s @angleterre (”Terlalu!”). Those book sold on their table also mine (Aletheia circle), and it made people confused because visitors often told us they thought we booked three different tables. :”))

I bought a single Tsurumaru postcard here.


i got another NagaHachi goodies from tenant next table.They called themselves Pastel and Tea Party. This a6 print contains both fanfic and fanart :”))

seriously so many Kotetsu family and NagaHachi stuffs in this event, i am torn between joy and sadness :”D<< *i’m sad because my wallet getting thinner and thinner!*


Omonym disbanded T___T
SKBT is last event both @magemg and @vickipiki selling stuffs under name “Omonym”. Here were loots from their booth, i bought Ookurikara sticker twice by mistake.


Mitsutada and Kurimitsu seems like another popular pair, i found many booth sell fancomic about this pair. one of them was this! interesting fact, this doujin made by a Japanese (!) in Bahasa Indonesia (!). But her Indonesian so fair, i talked to her and didn’t notice it at first that she’s actually a foreigner :”))

On this booth, they also sell another fancomic, “Awas Pedang Galak” but too bad when i stumbled upon their table it already sold out. T__T

they open online order form, and because i also haven’t pay this “Pengen Manjain Ya!” i am waiting anxiously to settling my debts.


last, i got freebies from @refrainbow! both of them are in good condition. thank you very much *again*! XD


in this event i found many form of love, many form of pairings and many headcanons and i think everything is equally precious. seeing other artist pouring all their soul  into their fancomics moved me, i want to make another comic filled with love too! i cannot lose with their passion, not when they successfully drain my wallet! :’Da

ps. some tittles i want already sold out, but i am ordering them online, waiting for their confirmation e mails :’Db

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