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April 4, 2016



Works may be in the form of fanart, fanfiction, graphics, meta, cosplay, and more. If you have projects you’ve been wanting to do or have been putting off all this while, now is the time to let inspiration flow and showcase your talents for this event!

Various prompts have been selected for – but are not limited to – the following dates:

DAY 1 (April 11*) – High School AkaKuro Day
Borders | Memories | Roads

DAY 2 (April 12)
Upside Down | Treats | Language

DAY 3 (April 13)
Façade | Risks | Danger

DAY 4 (April 14)
“I have my answer.” | “I’m glad I met you.” 

DAY 5 (April 15*) – Teikou AkaKuro Day
Discovery | Pen and Paper | Time

DAY 6 (April 16)
Tension | Dance | Passion

DAY 7 (April 17)
Alternate Universe (FREE DAY)

You can make as many fanworks as you want! Just remember to include #AkaKuroWeek2016 within the first five tags of your posts, as they will be tracked and reblogged.

Please participate and spread your love for the ship!

For more information, you may refer to the rules or contact us for inquiries.

– banner illustration by nijiro-no

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