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candyfloss fragments: Secret

April 22, 2016


“I wonder why people whispered secrets to each other.” said the blonde boy. The girl who escort him wonder the same thing too, but say nothing. He continued his words. “They should know, if they tell it to anyone, or anything which can be read or unlocked, it will lost its magic. What the point of call it a ‘secret’ if it known by someone even if just one? Looks dull. Boring.” The girl agree with him at some point, yet she still say nothing.

“What’s your secret?” 

She is stunned, letting the bouquet she hold smell like a flower. How weird. She forget how musky it is. Because when she listen to the boy’s voice, everything always smell like him. Like fresh olive soap, and a bit of lavender (must be from his sister’s). She rolls her eyes, watching how the trees brays and how the sunlight which leaves-covered looks like her mother’s trinkets from down here. Pretty. 

The gap between their last meeting and the current one is long enough to make them able to have one or two secrets. Yet the boy forget something significant at the moment. 

“You are the one who able to have it.” said her, after a while. The boy stunned, yet he cover it quickly with his laugh. “Oh, yeah… You’re right…” 

Moments passed, yet the boy still said nothing. She grasp her bouquet tightly in front of her face and under the rose scent, secretly glance at the boy, she bitting her own lips. Jealous, she is, for she has no secret she could whisper to him.

candyfloss fragments: Secret

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