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May 20, 2016

^our circle display on Pasar Komik Bandung 5 (7-8 Mei 2016).

notes about that event: it was the most guerilla event i attended. last 5 days before the event, i weren’t in good health, miscalculated time for printing, overestimated my capability to finish new book, and felt like a trash :’))<<

but i made several discoveries, that printed things done in my office has better quality than printed things from certain printing shop. and i managed to knew how it feels to be dying because of common cold.


configuration for printing booklet. i left it here for future reference ;D


i left early in day #1, missed two tittles i want so badly [official pakoban comic by Malya and by Zora]. these mini books were half of my haul from that event. @piyostoria was nominated as best newcomer with her book titled “batavia today”, a prologue. it motivates me to finish mine, hopefully it would win some awards too hahahahaha.


quality of books published in that event greatly improved. i drain my wallet there :’)) but it seems like number of participant decreased than last year? maybe because it was held in May. At least there were five notable events i marked in my calendar happened in May 2016:

  1. Pakoban 5 Bandung 7-8 May
  2. Ennichisai Jakarta 14-15 May
  3. Anicult Surabaya 28-29 May
  4. Comicfest ID Jakarta 28-29 May
  5. TJF Hotaru ITB in Bandung 29 May

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