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July 30, 2016


Things I got from Comifuro 7. I spent like, 30 minutes? searching for the circle that sell Keluarga Bercelana (the one with UraMida and NagaHachi on the cover) until I realized that I’ve been searching at the wrong place. When I arrived at the booth, the dj is sold out except for one sample, so I bought it instead.

Terlalu (the one with KaneHachi cover) is, sadly, not a KaneHachi but a NagaKane and NagaHachi dj. Not that I don’t like those pairings, though. And the art is very beautiful ♥

My personal favorite is The Tale of Samonji Brothers. I’m not really into SwordxSaniwa pairing, but in the second story, it’s about refinery, and that’s hilarious (at least for me). I attached one page of the story here. The part where Sayo ate Souza.

Over all, I’m satisfied with what I bought. But my wallet is suffering ;A;

Thank you for visiting our booth (and peng*peng)! KaneHachi as dj cover is a crack pair which born because both Lishtar and me equally stubborn about with who Nagasone should paired with X"D
If you still into tkrb fandom next year let’s meet again and properly introduce ourselves 0.0)b

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