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October 8, 2016

most of these artworks are my attempt to mimic other artist’s style, to get better understanding why their artworks look interesting and captivating. in process i had to tweak things, like clothes and flowers to my liking. when i show these to my circle-mates, they scolded me. “why you have to use wording ‘mimicking’? its far from original, you should tell world you are referencing, not ‘mimicking’!”

apparently, when i use word mimic, people would think negatively to me, that i can only copy others style, and people would accuse that my own drawing were boring and unoriginal, and it would destroy my reputation–they said.

hmmm idk, thinking that “nothing new under the sun” and people keep influencing/inspire each other, why its wrong frankly tell world, “i copy your shading technique and applied them to my own drawing, i copy A’s toning technique for my comic, i love how B picking hir color scheme so i tried the same–”

why not everybody appreciate honesty? 0,0a

anyway for this post— pic 01 and 05 were original, i just reference its hand (pic 05). 

02, 03, 04 , 06 << i attach original links, please check them out 0,0)b

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