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April 25, 2017


This concludes AkaKuro Week 2017!

The past seven days have been a fun ride, and we are grateful to all who contributed to the 128 fanworks shared this year!

absoluteakashiseiko-blog | absolutemperor | adrianelinerush | aiharasama | akashikuroko | akkr415 | aru-nyaan | atelierre | ayykaashi | belncaz | berryblissthefangirl | ceallachs | ezachan | exucaribur | for-the-romanchikku-darou | kimiitsusama | koeiro | marcy-senpai | nerdsapphi | niamizu215 | nifawiwa | nijiro-no | ontheotherside524 | seijuurouus | skyeisboredd | sooora-i | snowwharasho | snowytruth | spacedragonarmada | sugcwarakoushi | tamireli | the-chibi-sempai | thejunbox | xabsolutecreations

Congratulations to absolutemperor, aiharasama, ayykaashi, belncaz, kimiitsusama, nifawiwa, seijuurouus, skyeisboredd, spacedragonarmada, snowwharasho, and the-chibi-sempai for completing the entire week!

(One of you will be a recipient of the special surprise. Please stay tuned for that! ☆)

Everyone’s hard work paid off; I hope you’re all proud of yourselves as much as I am! Feel free to browse this year’s contributions on the #AkaKuroWeek2017 tag.

 Until next time!


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