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June 21, 2017

So i joined this roleplaying group,


It’s about mafia world in US at 1930′s. It was interesting because i am total noob about its time setting. And most of other roleplayer i met were people i didn’t know before, so it’s also good in broaden spectrum of my circle of friends. I decide my RP style would be art based, so i am forced to learn about 1930′s visually.

Things wary me in doing roleplaying in IRL setting is, if i make mistake in clothing, behavior, even names. Wouldn’t i slandering real people, real culture, real events? I tried to minimize those but still quick skimming through google isn’t enough :’D

Like in my second picture here, my history nerd buddy told me that i jumbled out women fashion through 1930′s on her dress: her improvised (cloche) hat and hairstyle only popular through 20′s to early 30′s; i shouldn’t draw fur as vest but simply just like sleeveless mantle, and waistline in her fashion only works if she’s on 1933 through early 1940′s. So much to revised and learn, and that’s why its fun! 8D

Giovanna Bellami © me

Daji © Anindita Dyah

Basilio Podesta © Bayou-kun

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