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August 17, 2018

Food Fantasy fanart!

I’m still surprised that Zongzi [guy on left] actually bakcang. I really love bakcang! Sad there are hardly anyone sell them around here nowadays. Maybe because they worried bakcang sold in indonesia isn’t halal? 

in game rants: i got Zongzi first, then Tangyuan. Tangyuan can trigger combo for Zongzi, but Tangyuan’s combo partner is not Zongzi, but Mooncake. Not long after that, i got Plum Juice [this white haired guy on right]. I was surprised that Zongzi can trigger Plum Juice combo! Ehhh what… such complicated love[?] story….

I work hard collecting Mooncake shards, thinking that with it, i’ll get a full set of chinese food combo combination. When i finally had Mooncake, surprise surprise…. Mooncake still needs Double Scoop presence to trigger her combo. WTF :’))

Anyway whenever i put Tangyuan, Zongzi, and Plum Juice together in one battle party, Plum Juice tends to heal Zongzi first. HMMM, this really make my fantasy run wild.

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